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    [tut-mental ray 3dmax] Digital-tutors: Introduction to mental ray in 3ds Max

    <span style="">

    </span>Learn an essential workflow to rendering with mental ray and techniques for fully utilizing the tools available inside 3ds Max to save time and see better results. Contains over 2 hours of project-based training for artists new to mental ray and experienced artists seeking a refresher.
    Popular highlights include:

    • mental ray Overview
    • Global Illumination Workflow
    • Final Gather Workflow
    • Caustics Workflow
    • Emitting GI Photons from Light Sources
    • Photon Energy and Decay Parameters
    • Controlling Final Gather Accuracy
    • Adding Secondary Final Gather Bounces
    • Mixing Final Gather and Global Illumination
    • Saving and Reusing Lighting Data
    • Image-based Lighting
    • HDR Exposure Controls
    • Emitting Caustic Photons from Lights
    • Optimizing Caustic Photon Use
    • Subsurface Scattering Shader
    • Ambient Occlusion Shader
    • mental ray Architectural Material
    • Utilizing the Material Editor
    • Contour Line Rendering
    • Using Render Elements
    • Scene States
    • Compositing Rendered Passes
    Lesson Outline:

    1. Introduction 1:38
    2. Setting mental ray as the default renderer 3:12
    3. Using photon-based Global Illumination 11:07
    4. Adjusting the photon properties of lights 8:16
    5. Using Final Gather in mental ray 13:33
    6. Combining Global Illumination and Final Gather 5:01
    7. Saving and reusing indirect illumination data 9:45
    8. Setting up image-based lighting in mental ray 10:00
    9. Using and optimizing caustic photons 12:28
    10. Exploring mental ray's Architectural Materials 10:23
    11. Overview of the mental ray Car Paint shader 7:07
    12. Using Subsurface Scattering in mental ray 11:19
    13. Utilizing ambient occlusion to enhance shadows 9:28
    14. Adding depth of field effects to renders 8:17
    15. Rendering a depth of field pass for compositing 8:04
    16. Special mental ray light parameters 7:47
    17. Understanding contour outlines 12:07
    18. Using Render Elements for compositing purposes 7:24
    19. Compositing multiple render passes 7:59
    20. Using Scene States to output multiple renders 10:31
    Total Run Time: 2:55:36

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    Aug 2015
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    Tut này không có video hả bạn ? Minh dơn ve giai nén chỉ có audio ,voi mot so floder empty.
    Chỉ có scenes thôi bạn. Không biết sao làm dc hix hix



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