Name: Full Quick Reply

Description: This mod allows the Full Editor mode with all of it's functionality for the quick reply with full control from AdminCP.

How it works:
Simple: Adds functionality of the full editor to the quick reply.
Detailed: This Mod. is totaly different than other similar Mods., it doesn't depend on any other codes and doesn't fake vBulletin telling it that this editor is advanced reply not quick one, it leaves every thing as default but extends 'quick reply' functionality by having it's own independant code.

Specific Features:
Can enable/disable mod globally. v1.0.0
Can select which Built-in BB Code Tags (enabled buttons). v1.0.0
Can display full functional Smiliebox. v1.0.0
Can display full functional Smilie Menu. v1.0.0
Can set "Smiliebox Total Smilies" for this editor alone (Doesn't depend on default system settings for advanced reply). v1.0.0
Can set "Smiliebox Smilies Per Row" for 'Quick Reply' editor alone. v1.0.0
Can set "Smilie Menu Total Smilies" for 'Quick Reply' editor alone. v1.0.0
Can display Smiliebox under the editor rather than beside it. v1.0.0
Can determine which width is better, the default message box width or the 100% extended width. v1.0.0
Default Features:
Fully phrased.
Fully controllable from AdminCP.
Doesn't require any manual edits.
Fully compatible with vBulletin 3.7.x series.
Will not alter environment of vb or other hacks.

Help Us:
With your brilliant suggestions, ideas to develop this mod.
With your appreciated translations (translation credits go to their owners).

Known Isues:
None till now.

v1.0.0 24/5/2008 07:07 AM (EEST): First initial public release.

Supported languages of this mod is available as a translated products not as language files, each product has an attribution at it's end defines it's language (ie: -[English]).
This mod is supposed to work with vBulletin 3.5.x & 3.6.x series, but we don't support versions prior 3.7.x series!

Files Tree:
product-phpkd_full_quickreply-[Lang Name].xml

Screen Shots:
Available down there.

Technical Notes:
Plugins: 3
New Files: 0
File Edits: 0
New Templates: 2
Template Edits: 0
New Database Tables: 0
Database Alterations: 0
New Phrases: 15
New Options: 7
Cron Jops: 0

Installation Procedure:
Import the product file from your AdminCP.
Done .

AdminCP -> vbulletin options -> Full Quick Reply BB Code Settings

At the end:
Thanks to all of you for supporting us by installing our products.

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