The Mekong River Delta (Mekong River Delta) has spent many rivers and canals, dubbed the "Nine Dragon" land with a large water overflowing its banks, and the net water is exposed; There are boats and boats running day and night, going back and forth on the river ... the image itself is old, today is still the same. The river is typical of the West, the land of thousands of rivers and estuaries interwoven like spider webs. There are rivers, canals, waterways, there are water transport means, there are people who trade and exchange goods, and all the fun and trade scenes are brought to the river, they are called floating markets.

Nga Bay floating market – Hau Giang

Nga Bay floating market also calls Phung Hiep floating market. It is belonging to Nga Bay town formed in 1915. This is a famous market of Hau Giang province, where the activities of trading, exchanging goods of residents of the Mekong River Delta region. Not only that, this is also a place attracting a lot of tourists
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