VideoVista: the best video e-Learning platform available today and the sole video streaming alternative to FlashVideo

VideoVista is a software for video streaming. It enables video streaming from any web server without the need of
a dedicated streaming server; moreover, unlike Flash format, VideoVista permits view of long time videos, more
than one hour up to ten (10) hours and more, enabling seek in any part of the video in a while, get along
without the whole video downloading.

Unlike Flash format, VideoVista it’s visible by any connection’s type Modem, ADSL, Mega as well and it’s visible
on Windows, Mac, Linux using Explorer, FireFox, Safari and Opera.

The main features:

* Streaming with no server: just copy the video into a WEB folder as though it were a JPG image; no software
to configure or dedicated HW.
* no plugin: all you need is Java, no problem with Player upgrades, administrator permission or firewall to
configure: it simply runs.
* no limit to the number of simultaneous accesses, no time limit, no bitrate limit.
* In VideoVista Professional Edition your videos can be protected!
For your more precious videos, to prevent anyone using your videos on sites you haven’t authorised, you
can protect them using a protection code without the use of the heavy and costly DRM solution.

VideoVista comprises:

* An encoding program which creates video files in .vvf (VideoVista File) format;
The encoder is an executable program for the Windows environment:
o Windows 2000
o Windows Xp
* A Java applet for viewing the video
The applet and the Video can be executed on all platforms that support a web server
o Windows, Linux, Solaris, Apple Macintosh, etc.
o Apache, IIS, etc.
* The video can be viewed using all the platforms and browsers that support the Java Virtual Machine
o Windows, Linux, Apple Macintosh, etc.
o Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, etc.

Main Features:

* No dedicated video server; can be used with Apache, IIS, and every other Web server
* No plugin to install on the client side, it is sufficient to install JAVA (compatible with JVM 1.1, 1.2,
1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6)
* Number of encodable videos: unlimited
* No time or encoding size limits

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