PictoColor iCorrect EditLab Pro 6.0 for Adobe Photoshop | 8 MB
iCorrect EditLab Pro consists of four separate tool panels identified by four distinctly numbered tabs. The four panels are logically arranged from left to right and offer a wizard-like approach to accurate color. The tools are designed in such a way that as you progress from left to right, the tools will not, and in fact cannot affect any of the tools to its left. This alleviates the common frustration of correcting for one thing while throwing off another. With iCorrect EditLab Pro, one pass through the tools and you are finished. Plus, each tool has an optional SmartColor button which analyzes the image and sets the correction parameters to initial recommended settings.

•Color Balance: Quickly perfect the color balance of your images
•Tonal Range: Precisely control the tonal range of your images by individually setting the white point, black point and midpoint of your images using familiar eye dropper, sliders, and automatic SmartColor technology.
•Brightness/Contrast/Saturation: Precisely control the brightness ,contrast and saturation of your images
•Hue-Selective Edits: Perform precise hue-selective edits on your images and automatically correct familiar memory colors