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    A4DeskPro Flash Web Site Builder v3.03 - Thiết kế web flash đơn giản

    A4DeskPro flash website builder is a powerful, easy to use, all-in-one flash website builder software for Microsoft® Windows 98/NT/XP/Vista users.

    You can create your own website, resume, presentation, with multiple menus and sub-menus, stunning flash animation effects and color, in just few mouse clicks:

    — Install website builder on your PC, access anytime
    — Simply select a website template, fill in text & images.
    — Build unlimited websites, once-off payment only
    — Free bonus software: music, video, photo gallery, etc
    — No coding or design skill required. Host anywhere

    Software Feature
    Create flash website compatible with all browsers
    No Flash/programming skills and Flash software required
    A4DeskPro software compatible on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/Vista platforms
    Free upgrade to new version when released within one year

    Software Interface
    Easy template selection screen with thumbnails and preview
    Instant preview window to view your updates immediately
    Dynamic bottom panel, all design setting can be adjust in this area

    Professionally designed and high quality templates in different styles
    Unlimited Design Options: easily setup any color combination on the template, including background, font, scrollbar color
    Supports long text content for every page, up to 8 main pages and 8 subpages, totally up to 64 pages
    Each menu button can link to page inside the template, or external URL or file
    Ability to set the template's display size to best fit, or in a fixed width and height
    Direct import of MP3 file as background music
    Ability to adjust the background music's volume

    HTML Support
    Easy font settings (e.g. font face, style, size, color and alignment) for ALL content, title and menu
    Ability to saves your default font style for all projects
    Supports Non-English Characters
    Supports META Tags for search engine optimization
    Ability to insert any HTML tags (e.g. counter script) under the flash area

    Support image upload for all pages, i.e. up to 64 images
    Supports various image files (JPG, BMP, GIF and SWF)
    Automatic image resizing to best fit the template
    Ability to adjust image's brightness, contrast and opacity easily
    Easy Image grid switch on/off function
    Support adding of HTML background image

    Web and CDRom Publishing
    Allows web publishing, with build-in FTP function for uploading files
    Allows CDRom publishing, with easy creation of CD autorun files

    HomePage - www.a4deskpro.com

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