Watermark Image is a free software tool that can add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures in a batch. The program can also resize the images before the digital watermark is added.

When creating the watermark, you can use either text or another picture as the source of the watermark.

If you want to add the watermark to the background, you can set the logo or the text to be more or less transparent

Angle the text you use for watermarking
Insert background watermark in digital images, pictures, photos
Resize images while watermarking the image
Multi threaded
Watermark using either another image, or your own text
Watermarking your own text in the color you want to.
Maintain directory structure in destination directory or combine all watermarked images into one directory
Skip or overwrite existing watermarked images in destination directory
Automatically check for new version of the watermark image software
Free for personal use.

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