ArcSoft Panorama Maker Pro v5.0.0.21 Multilingual Full
Ghép và chỉnh sửa ảnh chuyên nghiệp

Chương trình ArcSoft Panorama Maker làm hầu hết các công việc cho bạn một cách tự động, tự động chọn toàn bộ một nhóm các hình ảnh chỉ với một nhấp chuột, tự động sắp xếp các hình ảnh theo đúng trật tự, sau đó nối liền các hình ảnh vào một tác phẩm ảnh Panorama mà bạn có thể in, chia sẻ cho mọi người hay đăng tải lên web .

Có thể ghép ảnh theo chiều ngang, ghép ảnh theo chiều dọc, và ghép ảnh 360 ° để tạo ảnh panorama.Thật ngạc nhiên khi có thể làm được như thế chỉ với chương trình ArcSoft Panorama Maker.

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As your media files grow, finding the right photos and videos to create your panoramas may not be easy. The program offers a powerful media management function which helps you organize, view, and search for the desired one easily and quickly. Files are organized into libraries, and can be rated or tagged for quick finding. Handy thumbnail allows you to preview the files before you open them.Stitching photos together has never been easier! The auto stitch engine automatically analyzes and selects other photos which matches them, then organizes them in the right order. All you have to do is to click the “stitch” button afterwards. Orders and selections can be adjusted if necessary.Now with Panorama Maker 5 Pro, you can produce your panoramic photo from videos you take! Similar to stitching using photos, the program automatically analyzes the video and finds the corresponding frames to be stitched.

* Vertical Panorama - great for snapping a full picture of soaring skyscrapers, towering trees, and cascading waterfalls.
* Horizontal Panorama - designed for capturing vast landscapes, city skylines, and effectively converting your standard lens to a wide-angle
* 360º Panorama - whether you're surrounded by a range of mountains, a forest of trees, or the fence in your own backyard, stitching in 360(D) puts you right in the middle of it all.
* Tile Panorama - can't decide between vertical and horizontal? Stitch together a 4x4 square of photos.

Panorama Maker 5 Pro is a powerful digital imaging application that transforms media files in your disk into spectacular panoramic fine art photographs. Only a few easy steps are required.You can choose to save your finished work of art as a photo, a flash, or a movie, making it easy to share and upload to a website.Theprogram comes with a complete set of easy-to-use image features to edit and enhance your panorama.Is your panorama ready and you don’t know where to print? Try the online printing service built directly within the program. The Online Print Service program is designed specifically for Panorama Maker 5 Pro users for convenient and professional-looking printing of their masterpieces.

Key features:
  • Powerful File Management with ratings and tags (New)
  • Auto select a series of photos by EXIF information
  • Automatically analyzes and stitches photos together
  • Automatically analyzes the video frame and stitches as a panorama (New)
  • Editing tools for fine-tuning of final panoramic image
  • Add personal text and a colored frame to your masterpieces
  • Preview stitched result in your still images and video clips before you save them
  • Exports the result to many formats such as QuickTime movie, PT Viewer, and Flash
  • Professional panorama print service provided within the program
  • Order your panorama online for professional output
  • Broader RAW format support

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