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    Nov 2015
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    ACDSee Picture Frame Manager v1.0.77 - Phần mềm quản lý hình ảnh

    Display your photos in style at your home or office with ACDSee Picture Frame Manager and the ultra thin 8.4” MemoryFRAME† by Digital Spectrum. Create a fully-optimized and elegant digital photo album of up to 10x more images with ACDSee Picture Frame Manager and this Euro Design frame with 512 MB memory.
    Load 10x more pictures
    With ACDSee Picture Frame Manager you can easily fit up to 10x more pictures as you could if you loaded them directly onto your display device without optimization. Whether it's your MemoryFRAME or a large screen 1080p TV, this application will optimize your images to the correct size and resolution, allowing you to store and display many more images, and experience better display quality.
    Manage picture frames easily
    ACDSee Picture Frame Manager's drag and drop interface makes loading, moving or deleting images a snap - on your MemoryFRAME and your other frames and display devices.
    Use for any* digital picture frame
    Helps you manage images and folders for your MemoryFRAME and any* other digital picture frame with a USB connection or removable memory. Use for multiple frames at the same time, or set up your memory card or USB key to move and share pictures easily.
    Get quick, flowing transitions
    No more waiting for pictures to load! Many types of decodable image files, including most RAW formats from today's DSLR cameras, are converted to JPEG and optimized for display, so you get smooth, professional transitions every time.
    Ultra Thin 8.4” MemoryFRAME
    Showcase your favorite photos with this ultra-thin Euro Design frame, featuring 512 MB internal memory, interchangeable magnetic faceplates and an espresso wood frame. Give your photos new life with the frame’s brilliant high resolution screen and customizable multimedia slideshow.

    Tải Về Với Pass congtruongit.com

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    Aug 2015
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    bản này mới hay cũ zậy pác?



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