Private Photo Album is a private photo album you can take on the go. It?s perfect for loving couples or teens who want to keep their private photos on the computer private. The application includes a built-in image viewer and slideshow capabilities. The photos are stored in a single executable file, which is protected by strong 256-bit encryption and password access. The file is portable. You can easily move it from one computer to another, or take it with you on one of those USB flash drives and carry protected photo albums in your pocket.

Private Photo Album allows you to:

- load TIFF, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG, PCX and many other image types;
- import images with their EXIF information;
- view photos in the built-in image viewer with slideshow capability;
- move or copy images by drag-and-drop;
- protect private photo albums by 256-bit encryption;
- set a unique password for each private photo album.

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