PVII Tree Menu Magic 2.1.0 For Dreamweaver

Create horizontal or vertical drop-down or flyout menus with an unlimited number of sub-levels and position them anywhere on your page. Order Pop Menu Magic and download it immediately. Get to work on the ultimate popup menu for your site today.

Powerful, automated,feature-rich

Imagine the perfect popup, drop-down, flyout menu builder. That's exactly what we did - then we went and built it. Pop Menu Magic is a powerful, feature-rich, and fully automated tool that allows you to insert an impeccably styled popup menu system on your page in seconds. The menu can be vertically or horizontally oriented and there are no limits to the number of sub-levels you can have. Menus can be inserted into any containing element on your page including table cells, Dreamweaver Layers, and CSS-positioned DIVs.

Features list

* Builds vertical or horizontal menus
* Unlimited sub-menu levels
* Accessibility-ready
* Text-only List-based markup
* Allows insertion in table cells or DIVs - movie: inserting a Pop Menu Magic menu
* Complete menu management - manage your menu in an intuitive tree-style interface. Edit, add, delete, or re-position menu links at any time.
* Automatic window edge detection - If the browser window is too small to display a sub-menu, Pop Menu Magic will re-position the sub-menu so that it is visible.
* Sub-menu animation
* Auto generate menus from file system
* Includes 26 professionally designed styles - see all 26 styles
* Switch styles or menu orientation
* Fully customizable menu styles
* Control of sub-menu positioning
* Search engine friendly
* Assistive reader friendly
* Tab key friendly
* Current link marker system
* Advanced current link marker
* Seamless integration with Dreamweaver Templates

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