As a smart ISO burner tool, 4Media ISO Burner can burn ISO file into CD/DVD disc accurately without losing any data at the fastest speed. The ISO burner supports various input formats including BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, B5i, B6i, DMG, etc. No matter the source is data CD/DVD image, bootable CD/DVD image, or media CD/DVD image, this ISO image burner tool can burn ISO image freely.

With 4Media ISO Burner, burning ISO file is not a difficult thing. ISO Burner tool can help you burn ISO file into CD/DVD disc, also, other image files such as BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, etc., can be burned effortlessly.

Although the ISO Burner software is a very small tool, it supports many output formats, e.g. CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL and DVD-RW, DVD+RW. After burning, the program will verify the written data so as to guarantee the veracity and usability of the content. Own and experience 4Media ISO Burner, high compatibility and fast ISO burning speed will bring you wonderful enjoyment.

What's new in the latest version

* Burn CD disc from CUE/BIN, CUE/FLAC, CUE/APE, and CUE/WAV files.
* Prompt for errors in CUE file and auto correct corresponding BIN/FLAC/APE/WAV file names specified in CUE file.

Key Features

* Various input formats: The smart 4Media ISO Burner tool supports dozens of input formats such as ISO, BIN/CUE, IMG, MDF, NRG, CDI, B5i, B6i, DMG, etc.
* Support multiple disc formats: The ISO image burner software supports abundant output formats including CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD+R DL;
* More burning settings: According to requirement, you can select proper burning speed. Moreover, the ISO burner enables you to burn multiple output files;
* Erase disc data: Once you insert the RW disc with data, the burner tool will detect it automatically and help you erase the data if you need;
* Verify the info of disc: For guaranteeing the correctness of written info, the ISO burner will verify written data information after burning the files. And incorrect & lost information will be showed in a data verification report;
* Automatical update: Once connecting to the internet, the ISO image burner will check the latest version automatically to give you more convenience;
* More detailed burning process: The burning process bar will show you the detailed information such as the rate of progress, the elapsed and left burning time, etc.
* Easy to use: With just a few clicks, you can accomplish the whole burning process freely. Additionally, it also provides the after burning actions in order to save system resource;
* Multiple languages: The ISO burner offers you many interface languages such as English, Japanese, German, etc.
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