With more than 100 new functions and improvements, CINEMA 4D R9 is the most extensive update in the history of MAXON Computer. Just give it a try!

This is a small overview of some of the new highlights. A full feature list can be found here.

Workflow - refined
A vastly improved workflow sets new standards and makes R9 a must have update for everyone - no matter which field you?re working in. The HeadUpDisplay, wich displays parameters directly in the viewport; Live Polygon Selection for much easier selection of polygons, edges and points; new view modes like Hidden Line; a fully customizable user interface; further improved Drag&Drop, a powerful new search function for the object browser; configurable shortcut hierarchies; a tweak mode, wich automatically switches between polygon mode, edge mode and point mode and and and…all the right tools for professionals!

Modelling in a new dimension
The sheer number of new modelling features help the artists achieve an unprecendented level of control over forming shapes. N-Gon support is only one of them. From the improved axis stems to loop and ring selection, from the new measure and construct tool to isoline editing, from the new brush tool to…the list of stunning new features and improvements goes on and on.

With the new cut tool for example, you'll be able to cut holes right inside a polygon. They appear as n-gons or the classic polygons, depending on your preference…

…or use the new measure and construct tool to build even more exact models…

Create the most fashionable fabrics - Clothilde
Need to simulate clothing? With Clothilde, the new cloth engine in CINEMA 4D磗 MOCCA module, every animator?s clothing dreams come true. With its easy to use interface cloth can have any sort of characteristics, controlled by stiffness, flexion or friction. Cloth can stretch or break, just like any real fabric would do, be it wool or satin, cotton or silk.
Aerodynamic forces can influence cloth and create believable animations. Cloth can even collide with defined elements of your scene as as well with itself.
Thanks to the highly optimized algorithms, many simulations can even quickly be viewed in the editor.

The new Cloth NURBS object smoothes and subdivides your cloth, so low resolution geometry can be used, speeding up the workflow. It helps simulate realistic wrinkles and folks and you can even add thickness to the fabric
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