Batch Picture Resizer v2.4

There are some innocent folk out there, who waste their time converting, resizing or watermarking their
images one-by-one. After spending hours carrying out such simple tasks, they then complain how difficult
it is to use Photoshop even for the easiest of image conversion jobs. Now there is no excuse for such
complaints - Batch Picture Resizer is software specifically designed for fast and simple automation of such tasks.
Batch Picture Resizer is a new easy and user-friendly image resize and watermarking tool. It helps you
to resize large groups of photos in one go for the purpose of sending via email, publishing on the web or
just to save space on your hard drive. Batch Picture Resizer works with the major image formats
(including JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA etc). It can resize pictures with high quality, and flip,
mirror or rotate them without losing quality (lossless rotation). Batch Picture Resizer offers users a
one-click function to optimize color levels or convert pictures to grayscale, while text or image watermarks
can be added to protect images. The program can also be used to enlarge a small image using different filters
for better viewing with optimum results. Many cameras can detect and store their orientation relative to the
scene, when the image was captured. Batch Photo Resizer can retrieve this information and use it to
automatically rotate your images.

Key features:
* Resize individual pictures or image batches in one go
* Addition tool for text and image watermarks
* Image conversion using all major formats
* Auto rotation of JPEG images
* Batch lossless image rotation
* Change canvas size
* 'Rename image files' function in batch mode
* Fast and easy-to-use
* Prompt-free overwrite of files with a new size
* Automatic save of newly sized photos in a separate file
* Image color level optimization or conversion to grayscale
* Windows Vista compliant
* Compression rate and DPI change for output files
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