NuMorse Professional (R)


NuMorse Professional is a full featured Windows application designed to
help you achieve any level of Morse Code receiving ability. Beginners, experts and instructors will find something useful among the array of features included in the package.

*** Installation ***

Important: Windows 2000 users will need to log in with an Administrator account to install NuMorse professional.

If you received this version of NuMorse Professional on a diskette, please
follow the instructions on the disk label to install NuMorse Professional.

If you received this version of NuMorse Professional in a self-extracting
file (for example, setup.exe), you can install it as follows:

1. Select Run from the Taskbar Start menu.
2. Type the full name of the file (for example,
3. Press the Enter key, and follow the prompts.


Double click on file item setup.exe

*** Upgrade Instructions ***

Follow the installation instructions above. You can install
this version of NuMorse Professional to the same location as a previously
installed copy of NuMorse Professional.

*** Requirements ***

This version of NuMorse Professional requires one of the following:

Windows 95,
Windows 98,
Windows NT 4.0
Windows 2000.
Windows ME
Windows XP

A SoundBlaster (c) compatible soundcard is also required.

*** Documentation ***

For full documentation, Click a Help button at any time
while running NuMorse Professional.

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