AdventNet ManageEngine OpManager Professional 7.2 Build 7205

AdventNet ManageEngine OpManager Professional 7.2 - is a network monitoring software that offers combined WAN, Server and Application monitoring. OpManager automates several network monitoring tasks and removes the complexity associated with network management.
When you choose OpManager as your network monitor, you are buying a powerful networking tool that can auto-discover your entire network, group your devices into intuitive maps, monitor devices in real-time, alert instan-taneously on failure and provide comprehensive reports and graphs. (The Professional Edition of our network monitor is what you need, if you want to monitor more than 10 devices.)

Features Highlight:
WAN Monitoring - Ensure high availability and optimal performance of your WAN links by proactively monitoring WAN links and router performance. Resolve WAN problems quickly and avoid downtimes by identifying degradations early. Plan for future WAN requirements & minimize recurring costs.
Server Monitoring - Monitor services, URL is, event logs and traffic on servers in addition to critical Server performance metrics such as CPU, memory and Disk utilization across Windows, Linux and Unix servers.
Switch Monitoring - Manage your LAN effectively through continuous monitoring of your switches. Find out which device is connected to which port & know which ports are free. Monitor port utilization and traffic with threshold alerts. Detect potential broadcast storms and proactively prevent the same.
Alerting - Minimize downtime by resolving problems quickly. Get e-mail / SMS alerts or setup automatic problem resolution actions to fix problems as soon as they occur using OpManager's strong alerting capabilities.
Reporting - Get SLA metrics at your fingertips. Generate device level or network level reports in a single click and and drill down into weekly and monthly reports using OpManager is comprehensive reporting capabilities.
URL Monitoring - Closely monitor your web application's response time. Get notified immediately on your website going down. By monitoring content, make sure your website isn it compromised by hackers.
Windows Event Log Monitoring - Secure your networks from inside attacks. Ensure availability of critical Windows applications through continuos monitoring of their respective event logs.
Windows Services Monitoring - Remotely monitor critical Windows services across servers. If a monitored service fails, get notified by email or SMS and automatically restart service or server. Supports monitoring important Windows Services out-of-the-box with the capability to add your own.

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