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    CuteFTP 8.2 Professional

    CuteFTP Professional is an award-winning FTP Client for securely and reliably transferring files over industry standard protocols including FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS and SSH. It's the right choice when you want the ultimate in power, performance and security. eFTP Professional provides easy-to-use yet powerful tools for tackling the complex challenges of data management and helps achieve HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

    CuteFTP Professional is a software tool for transferring files between your PC and remote computers anywhere on the Internet, securely and efficiently, over multiple Internet protocols. Its built-in Connection Wizard will walk you through connecting to an FTP site in seconds and its user-friendly interface will have you transferring files in no time, even if you are a beginner. Whether publishing a Web page, downloading the latest digital images, software and music or transferring high-volume files between branch offices.

    • FTP/S (SSL)
    • HTTP/S (SSL)
    • Secure Shell (SSH)
    • OpenPGP encryption and decryption
    • One Time Password authentication protocol
    • Password Manager

    • Schedule fast, fully-automated transfers
    • Safely backup or synchronize your sites
    • Easily monitor local folders for changes
    • Create labor and time saving scripts and macros
    • Create Podcast RSS feeds and manage audio files

    • Connect to new sites in a snap with step-by-step wizards
    • Painlessly edit remote documents with its built-in editor
    • Drag and drop files for easy transfers
    • View thumbnails of remote images

    • Dramatically accelerate file transfers
    • Securely work with multiple remote sites at one time
    • Effortlessly perform up to 100 concurrent transfers

    What's New in eFTP 8 Professional:

    * Local Backup - Quickly and easily back up your computer to a remote server for added data security.
    * Advanced Search - Find files and folders easily, by name, size or creation/modification date, whether they are on your local computer or a remote server.
    * Podcast Manager - Manage all of your Podcast subscriptions from one place. Automatically download new episodes, or select only the ones that sound interesting.
    * Advanced Operations After Transfer - eFTP can be set to automatically exit, shutdown your computer, run a virus scan or any number of other tasks upon completing a transfer.
    * OpenPGP Encryption and Decryption - Your data is more secure than ever, whether you are sending or receiving, with automatic OpenPGP encryption and decryption.
    * Right-click Shell Integration - Transfer files with a click of the mouse, from the Windows Desktop or Explorer.
    * Color Coded Tabs - Managing multiple transfers to multiple sites is easier than ever, with improved interface and new color-coding.
    * Improved Mode Z Support - Mode Z compression is now available for ASP, BMP, CSS, DAT, DOC, EXE, HTM*, JS, LOG, PDF, PHP, PL, PPT, PY, SWF, TXT, VBS, XLS, XML, and XSL* files, making transfers faster than ever!
    * Task Automation Wizards - Advanced features like hot drop (folder monitoring), backing up your remote server, and mirroring local and remote systems are a snap, with our new wizards.
    * Enhanced Connection Wizard - Our connection wizard takes you step-by-step through configuring a new connection, verifying your settings along the way.
    * Scheduling Wizard - Scheduling one-time or recurring transfers has never been easier. Our 5-step wizard walks you through the setup in just a few seconds.
    * Improved Quick Connect - New history dropdown automatically remembers the most recent connections.
    * Improved Bookmarks, Log Files, Macros - We’ve taken the features you use every day and made them even better!
    * Improved Time Zone Synchronization - Automatically detect server time zone offset for comparing local and remote time stamps.
    * Fully Automated Troubleshooting Assistance - We’ve made eFTP easier to use, but sometimes you may still find yourself in a jam. Live help is just a button click away.

    Changes in version 8.2:

    -Corrected issue where auto refresh was not functioning after files or folders were transferred to the remote pane successfully.
    - Corrected issue where a user would use the silent installer and then fully register but the username would display incorrectly in the Help About.
    - Corrected issue where eFTP was permanently changing a registry setting that allowed applications to steal focus from the current application.
    - Corrected an issue in Windows Vista where image files were not being displayed in the remote or local panes under the thumbnail view.
    - Enhanced Turbo Mode to better handle transfers of small files.
    - Corrected a problem with file list column sorting that was producing unsorted results.
    - Corrected problem where eFTP directory was being created as 8.1 instead of 8.0 on upgrade.

    Tải Về Với Pass congtruongit.com

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    Đã update lại link! Sorry



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