Search Engine Builder Professional v2.59

Many visitors are usually interested in specific information of your website. If they take too much time to
find what they want, they will go to other websites instead.
Search Engine Builder Professional is specifically designed to solve this problem. It indexes your entire website
quickly and generates an efficient website search engine. It makes it easier for your visitors to find things on
your website and gives it a more professional appearance.
It's easy to create search engine with this tool. Just click a few buttons and no need to write any tedious spider
and search code.

This pro version is specifically designed to deal with large site that have thousands and millions of pages. It
includes all functions and features of the standard version.
# Enables your site visitors to find what they want easily and rapidly.
# A website search engine makes your website more professional.
# Page templates help you create search engine with various attractive & functional styles.
# Visually config the output of search results with various styles, font and color etc.
# Indexes and searches PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, RTF, TXT and many other files.
# Enables you to create search engine for searching local files, CD-ROM etc.
# Easy to work with multiple websites and search engines.
# Schedules automatically index, create and upload the search engines.
# This pro version includes all functions and features of standard version.
# This pro version enables you to index and search large site with thousands and millions pages.
# Pro version generates search engine script as JavaScript, ASP, PHP, with or without database.
# Easy to install to website, needn't to config web server.
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