Jlgsolera Online TV Live 6.3.38

Online Live lets you watch 3645+ free Internet TV, on demand videos and listen free online radio stations on your PC, Games and Newspapers on World Wide Web. our live Television channels database is the biggest worldwide. No additional equipment required. Online TV Player support Windows Media Player. You can play most of stream formats in this program.

New OnLineLive features:
Design: New attractive, intuitive and complete new design of program.
Mini player: Finally, you can work whilst the program is running in a corner of your desktop and you can listen to your favorite music or radio.
Search: You can search in all the list of channels what would you like to listen or watch in whole data base.
Local media management:
You can use OnLineLive as a media player and view your stored music in your hard disk. Easily access to all your home PC’s digital media files from the Media Manager. You can see your photos and documents using the Local media viewer.
Installation: The OnLineLive installation procedure has been considerably improved.
Bug fixes: OnLineLive bug fixes were updated into this version.
Better performance: The speed of program loading and saving was significantly improved.

Có hơn 3645 kênh TIVI miễn phí trên toàn thế giới, coi mờ mỏi mắt cũng chưa hết

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