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    Advanced Defrag + keys

    Advanced Defrag + keys

    Why choose Advanced Defrag?

    Advanced Defrag is extremely easy to use, our program targets on home-office based users, no matter you are a PC novice or how less you know about computer, you can handle it easily.

    What we do is what our customer care the most, Advanced Defrag can effectively keep your computer away from disk fragments and make it running like new!

    Advanced Defrag program equipped with the most advance defragment technology in the world which will definitely offer you a totally different and comfortable defrag experience.

    Advanced Defrag program was designed by our group of first-class programmers who have been working in software industry for 10+ years, we are all dedicated to serve our customers and supply them with the top quality product.

    Over 2,100,000 download happened in our site since the date we released the program in the early 2008, and 98% of our customer are satisfied with Advanced Defrag.

    Advanced Defrag key features

    Quickly & thoroughly analyze and defragment

    Unlike the traditional Windows defragment, usually you would have to spend an hour or even more time to get it done.Advanced Defrag will give you a completely different experience. Advanced defrag is especially designed for large modern hard drive. It applies advanced defragment algorithm which is able to finish any disk analyze within 1 minute, and it will take no more than 20 minutes to finish any defrag action on any disk volume. It is not only fast, the effect is much better than the Windows defragment. Generally it can result in a 20% performance increase.

    Clean the registry & delete junk files to optimize system

    Every time you run your computer, unwanted or useless files can pile up behind-the-scenes due to a program error or careless architecture; and sometimes the invalid registry entries will be scattered over time; these two could take up a lot of space on your hard drive and badly affect PC performance. Advanced Defrag are able to help you effectively clean up the registry and delete junk files after defragment, thus it will maximize disk space and boost the whole PC performance.

    Support external USB device defragmentation

    Support external USB device defragmentation
    Advanced Defrag is able to analyze and defrag various external USB devices like flash drive, mobile hard drive, USB cell phone and USB laptop, etc. It is as convenient as defrag your local hard disks.

    Auto-pilot schedule task.

    Advanced Defrag allows you to easily schedule regular maintenance to the computer. Program will run at scheduled time and defrag the particular hard disk volume automatically so that you don’t have to operate the whole action over and over again. Advanced Defrag also support auto-update feature, new version of the program will be detected upon program startup.

    Detailed analyse & defragment report.

    Web-report will automatically be generated after each analyzes or defrag action, including the fragment size, the file path, and the number of fragment before and after, the report clearly displays every detailed information of the analyzed or defragged target, makes you to got everything under control.

    Real-time defragment.

    Upon turning on Real-time defragment, Advance Defrag will automatically detect out fragments on the hard disk, then defrag on the background quietly with a very low CPU usage. This powerful feature will greatly enhance the system performance of the computer,keep it perform at optimal speed all the time.

    All windows-based systems compatible

    Advanced Defrag program is compatible with different kinds of Windows-base operation system including Windows7/Vista/XP/2003/2000/ME.

    How to install

    3: use into in the readme
    to register


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    cho hoi phan mem nay co chuc nang gi vay.Tieng ko ah` ko hieu gi het

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    Chống phân mảnh đĩa đấy, giúp cho việc load file nhanh hơn ấy mà, cũng để sắp xếp lại file cho không gian đĩa rộng ra



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