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    [Ajax] Check for similar thread before posting a new one

    Hi there!

    I decided to give my old Add-on a little update.

    You love the 'similar threads' function and you are sick of duplicate threads just because your users don't use the search function?

    Why not just combine them?

    This Add-on will grab the thread title the user typed in and it will load a small box (using Ajax magic ) with 5 similar threads just like the 'similar threads' function that you can normally find under an already posted thread.

    The box also tells the user to search through the similar threads first BEFORE starting a new one.

    - indicated if you already subscribed to one or more similar threads
    - hover over the title and it gives a little preview of the thread's content
    - no edits whatsoever needed, just import the product file, enable the Add-on and it works (well, it should )
    - you can turn it off for certain forums or
    - you can turn it off completely without leaving any code that messes your templates/files
    - it can be translated
    - don't like it anymore? Remove the product and you'll never see that Add-on again

    Known issues:
    - none

    Things to consider:
    It uses jQuery to get the information from ajax.php. jQuery is great and you can do many great things with it and unlike the vBulletin method it's quite easy to understand.
    Here's the version I use: http://code.google.com/p/jqueryjs/do...s&downloadBtn=

    Just download the file from the location and put it into the 'clientscript' folder on your server without renaming the file.

    jQuery 1.3 is out, read this if you would like to update: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showp...1&postcount=27


    1. Download jQuery as described above.
    2. Import the attached file using the Product Manager. Go to your vBulletin settings and search for 'Check for similar threads?'.
    3. Enable it.

    It adds 2 new templates, it changes 1 template and it edits 2 files. I highly doubt that it will break you vBulletin but do a back-up and be on the safe side.

    Version history:
    2.0 -> this release
    1.0 -> outdated (made for vB 3.6.*)

    [download + pass]http://www.mediafire.com/?53yzvldmezl[/download + pass]

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    cho em lại cái link down chứ thế này product-mrnasesimilarthreadcheckv2 em pó tay

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    đã sửa lại link bác dow về và test xem



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