Hello guys this is my first mod!

  • Forum immunity
  • Option to close sticky threads or not
  • Enable/disable hack
  • Set timelimit
  • All settings can be set in ACP
  • Option to close thread after X amount of thread
I was getting tired of all those people necro-posting, posting in threads that are up to three years old. This is my solution

Time to install:
Less than one minute

1.00 release
1.10 threadbit display closed
1.20 all settings through ACP
1.30 close thread after reply-count
1.40 bugfix
1.50 dunno what I did
1.60 added the feature to select whether you want the list of forum ids to either be the forums which's threads that should not be closed or the forums which's threads that should be closed

After billions of requests, I have finally done what you did!

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