1. Sergeant Kelly updates your objectives as you step off the elevator.
Sergeant Kelly cập nhật các mục tiêu của bạn khi bạn bước ra khỏi thang máy
2. Defeat this Z-Sector lurking behind the crates.
Defeat này Z-Ngành lurking phía sau crates.
3. Head left and a voice summons you from above. This ladder lowers.
Đi bên trái và một bản bằng giọng nói của bạn từ bên trên. Điều này giảm thang.

4. Climb the ladder to find Roland. He asks you to go for help and insists on staying put.
Leo lên các bậc thang để tìm Roland. Ông yêu cầu bạn phải đi để được giúp đỡ và insists đặt ở trên.
5. Crawl into these shafts. Grab the <span style="text-decoration: underline">armor</span> on the left then head right.
Trươn vào các shafts. Grab các [COLOR = # 003ee5] [FONT = Helvetica] Armor [/ U] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] trên bên trái rồi đi ngay.
6. Drop into the room below.
Thả vào các phòng bên dưới
7. As you advance into the room, this zombie emerges behind you.
Khi bạn tiến vào trong phòng, sau này Zombie emerges bạn.
8. A second zombie comes at you from the front. Once both are defeated, grab some armor from where the first zombie emerged.
Thứ hai tại Zombie đến bạn từ phía trước. Sau khi đánh bại được cả hai, một số grab Armor từ nơi đầu tiên Zombie xuất
9. Grab Marcus Stanton's PDA here for some background. You'll learn that a shipment of <span style=""><span style="text-decoration: underline">jackhammers</span> has mistakenly been replaced with a shipment of...chainsaws!
Grab Marcus Stanton của máy PDA ở đây đối với một số nền. Bạn sẽ tìm hiểu rằng một lô hàng của [COLOR = # 003ee5] [FONT = Helvetica] jackhammers [/ U] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] đã nhầm lẫn được thay thế bằng một lô hàng của ... chainsaws!
10. Armor can be found to the left. Grab the medkit seen here on the right before heading through that door ahead. Ready your shotgun.

11. Two Z-Sectors charge through this door. Defeat them and recover the <span style=""><span style="text-decoration: underline">machine gun</span> in case you
Hai Z-Các lĩnh vực phí này thông qua cửa. Defeat chúng và phục hồi các [COLOR = # 003ee5] [FONT = Helvetica] máy gun [/ U] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR], trong trường hợp bạn
misssed it in the last level.
12. Try to access this door on the left and receive a new objective.
Hãy thử truy cập vào cửa này ở bên trái và nhận được một mục tiêu mới.
13. Bam! Pass into <span style=""><span style="text-decoration: underline">the next</span> hallway and this Imp pounces onto the window.
Bam! Pass vào [COLOR = # 003ee5] [FONT = Helvetica] tiếp theo [/ U] [/ FONT] [/ COLOR] hallway và Imp pounces này lên cửa sổ
14. There's the keycard you need, along with two clips.
Có những bạn cần keycard, cùng với hai clip
15. Return to this door and ready your machine gun. Open the door and battle two Z-Sectors waiting on the other side.
Quay trở lại cửa này và sẵn sàng súng máy của bạn. Mở cửa và chiến hai Z-Các lĩnh vực phải chờ đợi bên kia
16. Advance to this window for a medkit and to witness a bot taking out these two Z-Sectors.
Nâng cao đến cửa sổ này cho một medkit và để chứng kiến một bot đi ra hai Z-lĩnh vực
17. Pass through a pair of doors on the left and be greeted by this pair of zombies.
Qua một cặp cửa ra vào ở bên trái và có thể được greeted của cặp ngôn ngữ này của zombies.
18. Search the area for armor and ammo - and another pair of zombies.
Tìm kiếm khu vực cho Armor và ammo - và một cặp zombies.
19. <span style=""><span style="text-decoration: underline">Pass through</span> a set of double-doors and battle your first flaming zombie. Listen to a man radio for help on the other side of this wall -- only to hear him fall victim to one of "them." Creep factor on max for this one. Grab the medkit seen on <span style="text-decoration: underline">the left</span>.
20. Ready your machine gun before passing through the door on the right, where you'll find a trio of Z-Sectors.

21. Behind you emerges the famous wrench-wielding fat zombie. You'll find armor in the alcove behind him.
22. Say, "cheese!" Grab the armor from where the Z-Sectors were positioned and this Imp will pop out at you.
23. Advance farther down the hall and battle two Imps. One emerges from the ceiling, and the other from <span style="text-decoration: underline">the room</span> on the right. Dodge their fireballs then rush up for a close blast from your shotgun. Grab a clip from the room on the right then head into the infirmary on the left.
24. Pick up the PDA of Dr. Mark Caseon. Listen to his audio log, "Patient Attack" to learn the code 347 for <span style="text-decoration: underline">storage</span> cabinet 017 seen here on the right. Inside you'll find a clip, armor, a medkit and shells. Note the health terminal on the left wall.
25. Enter the next room and awaken the crazed patient mentioned in Dr. Caseon's audio log.
26. Pull back and battle a pair of Z-Sectors.
27. Enter the room beyond and this flaming zombie will attack as you approach the opposite window. A medkit and an adrenalin hypo are available here. Exit through the door visible behind the zombie and head left. I love the droning <span style="text-decoration: underline">music</span> through here.
28. Duck under the flame and grab the bullets, medkit and shells.
29. Follow the corridor to this position to find Bill Tyson's PDA and learn the code 584 for the storage <span style="text-decoration: underline">locker</span> in Marine Command.
30. Backtrack past the infirmary and witness this zombie attack.
31. Advance to the Marine Comm Center for a video linkup with Sergeant Kelly. He updates your security clearance and gives you a new objective: head to Alpha Labs <span style="text-decoration: underline">Administration</span>.
32. Ready your shotgun and head through here.
33. Blast this Z-Sector guarding the storage locker.
34. Unlock the door with the code 584.
35. Backtrack down the hall, battling this Z-Sector and turning left here.
36. Your updated security clearance gets you through this door.
37. Battle more Z-Sectors inside. Step toward operations to find a medkit in the far corner. Return and approach the kitchen door just visible here on the left.
38. More Z-Sectors are through the kitchen door now seen here on the right, and this Zombie attacks from the alcove visible straight ahead. There's also a medkit at the rear of the alcove.
39. Enter the kitchen. This zombie is waiting for you by the Super Turkey Turbo Puncher. You can just see the green light of a medkit behind him. Sarge urges you to avail yourself of any sentry bots you find.
40. More Z-Sectors attack. You'll find armor and ammo to the left.
41. Exit the kitchen and head left into the restroom.
42. Brace yourself and take a look in the mirror.
43. Show the Imp your Marine hospitality. Check the toilets for grossness, if you're so inclined. (Sorry, no screenies.)
44. Battle another Z-Sector up the hallway to the left, then witness this sentry bot taking out another Z-Sector.
45. Don't follow the bot just yet. Instead, head right and he'll follow you, taking out this fat zombie.
46. Hop through this broken window to your left for armor and health. Sarge urges you to hurry.
47. Now it's time to follow the bot. Don't be in a rush to keep up with him, though. He'll clear out the area ahead of you and return if you stray. Plus, there's plenty of supplies to be had along the way, including a medkit in this room.
48. Follow the bot to this large battle. Note the airborne barrel just thrown by the Imp on the balcony.
49. Check your six as more Imps come charging in behind you.
50. The bot shuts down -- you've arrived at the Administration elevator. Don't head into the lift just yet, though. Instead, crawl into that shaft ahead and climb the ladder beyond.
51. You'll find armor and shells to the right as you emerge. Pick up Duncan Mathews' PDA and update your security clearance. Return below and enter the Administration elevator visible here.
52. Activate this panel to end the level.</span></span></span></span>